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Purchased the second tier from the dealer at the same time that we purchased car. We had to replace the water pump after two month (Which Diamond told me later that they made a mistake by accepting that claim).

Head gasket went out on car a couple weeks after that and Diamond would not cover the replacement even though it was part of the warranty that we purchased. They stated that we drove the car hot too long so it was our fault. We had the car of six month and it's been in the shop about 3 of those months in total between the two claims waiting on a decision from Diamond. They gave us a big run around and then finally denied the head gasket claim.

Don't waste your money. Could have saved myself the 425 dollars for the six month plan!

Review about: Diamond Warranty Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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People, People, People. Read your warranty.

Stated component coverage with no pre-existing covered, same as a NEW CAR WARRANTY!!!! If you burn your engine up-- that Mercedes Dealer is not going to replace it. I have been in the automotive industry for more than 30 years and warranties and service contracts are insurance policies governed by the state that they are written and sold in. Do you read your health insurance policy?

Your Auto insurance policy? Your home-owner and renters policy? If no-- you should. There is NO 100% coverage in any policy that you have.

A warranty company is NOT going to pay for a car that had pre-existing conditions that were not disclosed. If you are on a budget-- a warranty is a good thing-- kind of like Aflac!


I like how the only positive comment is from the same place the company resides!!!

For the last 3 weeks I have been fighting with Bob and Kurt, they ok'ed an estimate from the shop i brought my truck into for a cracked radiator. then the day i went to go pick it up, the recanted their statement that they would cover it, stating the shop didn't order parts through NAPA!! (which they did by they way) but like WHAT!! so they would only cover 1/3 of the bill!!

BIGGEST RIP OFF EVER.. EVERYONE THERE IS RUDE AND SLY.. they can hang up on me all they want. All i know id my lawyer is going to have a walk in the park with this case!


Recently purchased a delux 36,000 mile warranty

After 6 months I had a coverter problem on transmission

Company provided rental and had car tywwed to prevent more damage I was pleased with all the professional care given to me


If any dealer tries to sell you a "diamond Warranty' do yourself a big favor and run like ***!

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