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Have a lexus is350 and purchased a 4 year 150,000 coverage on my car from diamond.About 5 months ago a local ri lexus dealer did a recall on my valve springs,ect.About 5k later my engine started to make a Knocking noise,brought it back to dealer.They stated who ever did my oil change last put the wrong aftermarket filter in it(BS)and was not covered through lexus .Called diamond and explained the situation and they stated that it was my problem with lexus and not theirs and hung up on me.Getting my refund.Never USE THIS COMPANY ANYONE,SPREAD THE WORD

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Dayton, Ohio, United States #637434

Warranty states no recall work. You ought to know that the maker is responsible for recall and if they screw up it is their fault.

I took my SKL350 into my own employer-- a new car dealer and they only put 5 quarts of oil in a 8.5 quart reservoir. *** happens, but you cannot blame it on the warranty company no matter who the warranty is through. Educate yourself on the Service contracts which are only INSURANCE polocies with state components, coverage, and mandatory maintenance.

We cannot do with them, and we certainly cannot do without them. Choose your poison!

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