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Comment 5. (Customer 1) was likely written by an employee of Diamond Warranty Company. As a result of my research, he is a former employee of Guardian Warranty. His "talents" are utilized when Diamond Warranty decides to deny a claim he has a LOT of practice! This person has been rude and actually profane in his dealings with our dealer personnel. Diamond Warranty often looks for ways to NOT PAY legitimate claims, and they have come up with some ridiculous reasons for denying customers' claims.

When I contacted the Better Business Bureau in several states I discovered that although Diamond displays the BBB logo on their flyers given to potential customers at dealerships, they are not members and all BBB offices we contacted stated that the company has numerous complaints registered (hundreds or more) very few of them resolved. Diamond's representative is no help at all, although he has tried. I suggested he resign because he's had many years experience and he's had several offers to represent other companies.

DEALERS BEWARE! Deal only with reputable, insured, nationally known after-market warranty companies. The BBB can refer you to several of them.

Review about: Diamond Warranty Warranty.

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Port Orange, Florida, United States #927101

Your statements are not only false but are unfounded please post your name and contact if your a real person with a valid complaint 1st. off we not had 10's of BB complaints be honest up front, You most likely work for one of our competitors your statement speaks what you truly are.

If complaints were on the up and up one would have no problem posting their Name and State.

Hope Your Having Fun.

Ps. This the issue with this site they do not vet what is being posting but charge the Business who is targeted $$$$ to Re-Butt.


This is the biggest farce going,any-one can post anything about anyone without using a real name.If the company wants to re-butt a posting They Must Pay Pissed Consumer $5,000.00 A Year what a scam and people buy into this garbage If you have a valid complaint then you should post your own name othewise it means nothing.


I've had this warranty on my Durango for almost 3 years. They have replaced the power steering pump and the heating core.

No issues what so ever. I take it back to the dealership that sold me the vehicle (Mid-sized reputable used car dealer with complete service department) and they take care of everything.

On the power steering pump they advised flushing the system first (which I did) at my cost. That was responsible to me to do, but they they fixed it right away when that didn't work.

I had an issue 7 months later with the stearing and took it back.

The warranty covered the repair for that without any hassle as well. I've been very happy with my experience with this company.


It's obvious who wrote the comment above written by a comapny that was sold off and none of the original founders are there.

It's amazing that all they have to do is worry about how fast Diamond Warranty Corp.

is growing and the competion employees's all want to work Diamond

Pittyfull is what it is.

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