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I have called Dimond Warranty 3 times with 3 different issues, and every single time, they said "We don't cover that." They don't seem to cover anything that goes wrong.This company is a SCAM and they're not even accredited with the Better Business Bureau. I checked after they screwed me over the 3rd time.Do not get a warranty with them, unless you want to throw your money in the trash.
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Well "Up pops an advertisement for another auto warranty" what's up with that I guess that company pays this site $$$$. Well on to my Benz it has 52,000 miles the power steering pump went bad a very expensive fix. I called in the claim was treated with respect, the adjuster advised me to have the repair shop send over the estimate. The repair was approved and Diamond paid the repair shop directly, I paid My $100.00 deductible and the sales...
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I have had two warranties with this company and have had no issues whatsoever. People need to read and demand to be explained by the selling dealer what level of coverage they are buying. My dealer explained several different levels of coverage to me so that I fully understand what is and what is not covered. I had a choice. The problem is most people purchase the least expensive level of coverage and thats why they have a problem....
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